Two Laws

I am sure that I have offended you by lumping all of christianity under the banner of a catholic church. You are welcome. Now, I am going to wade into even murkier waters and take a look at the Pharisees and their modern day equivalent, Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism.

One of my first questions as a newbie Christian was, “How were the Jews saved?” Considering that the world had been in existence for 4028 years[1] before Jesus saved the world by dying on the stake[2]. The pastor I asked, a sports chaplain, had nothing to say on the subject. I later found the simple answer in Habakkuk 2:4,

“Behold the proud. His soul is not upright in him; But the just shall live by his faith.”

Hmmm… very interesting. That’s the way I was taught to enter into a relationship with YehoVAH, the Almighty Elohim. It is how Abraham, Moses, David and many other pre-Messiah saints were saved. I say this to point out just one of hundreds of instances of blindness that has fallen on the church when they are considering the Jew’s role in YehoVAH’s kingdom.

Now let’s delve into our subject at hand regarding the two laws. Moses was given the 10 commandments[3] in the wilderness at Mt Sinai. It was written down beginning with the finger of YehoVAH on stone and then on scrolls of lambskins as Elohim further instructed Moses. It was copied by scribes using an incredible system of checksums for lines, columns and pages which was created to help the scribe to faithfully reproduce an exact copy of the text over many generations with precision. Today we have two great witnesses of this in the Aleppo Codex and the Leningrad Codex.

Somewhere along the line in Jewish history, verbal interpretations of the written word of YehoVAH became commonplace among a group of men known as the Prushim or in English, the Pharisees. This amounts to adding to the word of YehoVAH and it has continued to this day and it is known as the “oral” law[4]. The oral law has since been written down in the Talmud in the third and sixth centuries CE[5] and it is the basis of Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism today and what was called traditional Judaism in the time of the Messiah. The shocking fact is that the Oral law is considered higher than Mosaic law and even higher then direct revelation from Elohim.

In the 1st century, Yeshua the Messiah when confronted with the Pharisaic oral law or tradition of the elders as they called it, He responded to this group with words like “hypocrite”[6], “white washed tombs”[7] and “brood of vipers”[8]. The Pharisees had pushed the Levites out of the temple for the most part and assumed control of all religious law matters in Roman occupied Israel. Something was certainly amiss in Jerusalem.

They failed to acknowledge that Yeshua was the Messiah and instead said of Him that he was in cahoots with the devil! They called Him “Lord of the flies.”[9]

There was no excuse for this. Gabriel’s prophecy to Daniel specified to the day when the Messiah would declare himself in Jerusalem[10] and the Magi from the East knew His birthday and traveled to Jerusalem with confidence[11]. Simeon[12] and Anna[13] both recognized the infant Yeshua as the Messiah. The Pharisees saw Yeshua as coming to spoil their party time of ruling over a hostage people with their man made doctrine. The lying and corrupt Pharisees would have nothing to do with this man called Yeshua or salvation[14] because when Elohim spoke, according to their oral tradition, they weren’t required to listen.

This is so like what has happened to the Christian church which added their own man made pagan religious ideas and other non-biblical interpretations of scripture over time. What started out as a true revealing of the Word of Elohim to Moses and a true restating of the true Word of Elohim by Yeshua the Messiah devolved into systems of religious worship not specified in scripture and certainly not recognized by our Father in Heaven, YehoVAH.

What should you and I do? Tear the walls down? Paint signs and protest? No, repent! Seek the Hebrew Messiah and not the Greek Jesus and learn of Him in the context of the times in which he ministered. Forsake the traditions of the Orthodox and seek the Messiah as your Jewish King. In these last days, many are being called out of religion into a relationship with the one true Elohim. I pray that is you.

I have been helped by a number of 1st century roots believers and teachers in books and on the web. You truly can’t go wrong by starting with any of the hundreds of Michael Rood’s “A Rood Awakening” YouTube videos. Start there, my friend, and we’ll see you when the Mount of Olives splits.


[1] Rood, Michael, “The Chronological Gospels” pg 249, incident 211. Available from Aviv Moon Publishing,

[2] Strong’s G4716 is Stauros and it means stake or pole. Somehow the Roman Catholics changed that in their version of the Bible to the Babylonian symbol of Tammuz, the cross. Clearly the Messiah died on a stake with His hands nailed above His head..

[3] Often referred to as the 10 words by Jews.

[4] It is claimed that Elohim actually delivered two laws to Moses, one that was written of which we have copies and know about and one that was verbal and apparently was allowed to evolve before it was written down in the 3rd and 6th centuries.

[5], retrieved 05-17-2014.

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[11] Daniel was head of the Magi a/k/a as astronomers in Babylon.

[12] Luke 2:25, KJV

[13] Luke 2:36-38, KJV

[14] Hebrew translation of the name Yeshua is salvation.


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