Unpacking the Destruction of Babylon Prophecy part 1

Now that we know that the United States is the target of God’s fierce anger (see: “Did You Hear the One about the Nation that was Obliterated by Nuclear Bombs?”) I thought we should look a little closer at the very explicit prophecy in Jeremiah 50-51.

(1) The word that YeHoVaH[i] spake against Babylon and against the land of the Chaldeans by Jeremiah the prophet.

The underlying Hebrew text says “in the hand of” Jeremiah. This prophecy was to be written down and not just spoken before the people and sent not just to the capital city of Babylon but the reference to the land of the Chaldeans means that this was to be sent to the Kingdom of Babylon[ii] in written form to be preserved for the ages.

We also have to consider the mystical aspects of the Kingdom of Babylon so we consider:

“its dependencies; of Rome, and its jurisdiction; of antichrist, and the antichristian states, the last enemies of the church and people of God.”[iii] Dr. John Gill.

Jeremiah’s predicted first fulfillment of this prophecy occurred in 539 when Cyrus the Persian King captured the city. As fate would have it, the disaffected high priests of Babylonian worship of the false god Marduk helped Cyrus[iv] and thus preserved the Kingdom and their mystical Babylonian Kingdom. Marduk is the well-known Babylonian sun diety.[v] Of course!


[i] All instances of the mistranslation of God’s name as “Lord” will be corrected to YeHoVaH.
[ii] Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament, Johann (C.F.) Keil (1807-1888) & Franz Delitzsch (1813-1890).
[iii] John Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible; Dr. John Gill (1690-1771)
[iv] The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament Copyright © 2000 by John H. Walton, Victor H. Matthews and Mark W. Chavalas.
[v] Koster, C.J., “Come Out of Her, My People, pg. 50. c2010; Institute for Scriptural Research, PO Box 1830, 2162 North Riding, Republic of South Africa.

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