Month: August 2015

Are You Ready?

Another side note. This time on Salvation.

We have been given a multitude of methods to be saved, such as infant baptism. Regularly attending church. Living in a Christian country. Going to Bible school. Reciting prayers. Staying in good stead with the Pope so that he will recommend you be allowed to go to Heaven. Then there is the altar call where you go forward and confess Christ. It has occurred to me that Salvation needs to be explained.

Take note that every one of these common understandings of the process of salvation require that we do something. Perform a work of some kind.

Ephesians 2:8-9

(8) For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

(9) Not of works, lest any man should boast.

No Sir! Going forward at an altar call is not a salvation event. It is a work on display for others to see.

If YeHoVaH is love, we need to love what He loves!

If you can do that, it’s only because He has supernaturally healed you and “graced” you with the ability to love like Him. Accept this precept and you will have no doubt that YeHoVaH loves you and has added you to His family.

Remembering that love is a verb, try reading these 10 precepts from the Torah starting with Exodus 20:1 to gain an understanding of what He loves.

  1. YeHoVaH loves Himself. He loves us. Remember how much He has done for us and that He wants us to love Him!
  2. He wants us to love the real thing! We are to love the real creation and not the man made facsimiles of it.
  3. Love His Name! YeHoVaH. Use it with His purpose in mind. Love what His powerful name can accomplish.
  4. Love the rest he gave to us on the 7th day. Love is a verb so utilize His rest.
  5. Love the family He gave you. Love your Mom and love your Dad.
  6. Love life! Hate murder!
  7. Love sexual purity!
  8. Love what he’s given you and respect what he has given to your neighbor.
  9. YeHoVaH is truth. Love the truth and remember that love is a verb! Always love the Truth!
  10. Love your neighbor. Love like YeHoVaH. Unconditionally. He sustains you, Love how he sustains your neighbor.

This little commentary on the 10 Commandments demonstrates the power of loving what God loves. I have heard this passage of scripture called bondage by antinomians. Not so! Hating your mom and dad would put you into bondage for instance. Committing murder would put you into jail.

Remember, the Messiah said many times to FOLLOW HIM. This is what He PREACHED!

So, how hard is this Salvation?