A friend of mine who claimed that he worked at Area Fifty One in Nevada back in the 70’s explained to me that the material used in nukes deteriorates and after a specified time limit, that weapon is past pull date, unreliable and unusable. I remember that length of time as being about 10 years. He didn’t believe that we were keeping the missile stockpile in tip top shape and that the threat of nuke use was a phantom political ploy up to today.

From an article authored by Conn Hallinan reviewing a book written by  former Secretary of Defense, William Perry, which you can read here: http://fpif.org/may-greater-risk-nuclear-catastrophe-cold-war/, I have taken some notes that refute the notion put forth by my friend on a subject that is understandably misunderstood by the citizens of the USA “because it is unthinkable”.

  1. Nuke war risks today are higher than they were during the cold war.
  2. The USA has a very provocative foreign policy towards Russia that includes the use of nukes.
  3. NATO in their publications contend that nukes are only a war deterrent and do not state any policy of use. Dangerous ambiguity.
  4. A signaling mistake could lead to a nuke launch on either side. This has happened several times over the years with blind luck preventing a catastrophe.
    1. In 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis, a Russian submarine officer refused a command to launch a nuke on a USA warship.
    2. In 1979, the USA detected a false attack signal due to a bad electronic chip.
    3. In 1980, NORAD computers falsely detected a Russian missile launch due to the use of an incorrect test tape.
  5. A confrontation has become more dangerous because of the actions of the last 3 presidential administrations.
  6. Bill Clinton abrogated a treaty restraining NATO from recruiting eastern bloc nations.
  7. The NATO pledge to not install military bases near Russia was breached and the USA deployed 4 battalions on the Russian border in 1997.
  8. The USA built Camp Bond Steel which is the largest NATO base in the Balkans.
  9. George W. Bush withdrew the USA from the ABM treaty.
  10. Barrack Hussein Obama has deployed anti-missile systems in Romania, Poland, Japan and South Korea, while spending 1 trillion to upgrade our arsenal including development of smaller yield nukes. These smaller nukes are ready if not already used in some conflicts in the Ukraine.
  11. Under Obama, the USA refuses to reinstate an ABM treaty and Russia is not disarming.
  12. Anti-missile systems supposedly aimed at Iran’s non-existent nukes are really aimed at defending USA forces from a Russian launch.
  13. Meanwhile, in 2014, the USA supported the Ukraine rebellion from Russia
  14. USA and Russian war “games” now take place on the Russian border.
  15. USA and Russia are developing long range cruise missiles. These can be armed with nuke warheads.
  16. Most importantly, Russia has abandoned their “No first use of nukes” policy due to being over-matched conventionally by the US military.
  17. We, the USA citizen, sit naked while the only defense Russia has against our military is to fire away at the USA population.


Conn Hallinan can be read at dispatchesfromtheedgeblog.wordpress.com and middleempireseries.wordpress.com


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